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  • Working women are not their own worst enemy by

    Lisa Annese, CEO of the Diversity Council of Australia says there are a number of popular misconceptions around women in the workplace, which are completely unhelpful to the diversity agenda. We talk to her about what businesses can do to ensure they're making the right steps.

  • Does the glass ceiling still exist? by Chloe Taylor

    As International Women’s Day and Diversity Council Australia’s 30th anniversary approach, HC asks: how far have women really come in the past three decades?

  • Who is the ideal boss for female workers? by Chloe Taylor

    A recent survey conducted by Marks Sattin researched the views of the female workforce, including what makes a good boss and women’s views of gender quotas. Their findings might surprise you…

  • Abbott shelves signature parental leave scheme by Chloe Taylor

    The prime minister has made the decision to scrap his Paid Parental Leave scheme in favour of providing affordable and accessible childcare.

  • Does your workplace need a ‘quiet room’? by Chloe Taylor

    With diversity levels rising in Australian workforces, experts and researchers are discussing the necessity of spaces provided for prayer or quiet reflection.

  • 2015: Year of the diverse workforce by Chloe Taylor

    Diversity Council Australia is advising employers to rethink their diversity and inclusion strategies – one DCA expert explains why it is important to act now.

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