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  • Rethinking your social media policy by Cameron Edmond

    Once thought of as the ultimate time sinker, social media can do a lot to boost employee engagement – how do you harness it?

  • Australia's Best HR Teams by Iain Hopkins

    What makes for a phenomenal HR team in 2013? Human Capital asks four of last year’s shortlisted ‘best HR team’ leaders from the Australian HR Awards

  • A tasty way to promote diversity by Stephanie Zillman

    Lunch rooms across Australia will come alive this week as workers delight in sharing the foods from their cultural background with their colleagues as part of a national campaign promoting diversity.

  • Smooth transition: How to succeed at change management by Human Capital

    Change management is no easy feat - so what's the best way to go about implementing a cultural shift? We speak to Travelport's LEE GOLDING, MICHAEL HALL of WildWorks and ALEC BASHINSKY of Deloitte for their tips on bringing about change in a workplace.

  • Taking responsibility – HR’s role in CSR by

    There are clear business benefits to be had through a sound corporate social responsibility program. Tom Washington reports on what makes such schemes successful and the role HR must play

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