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  • Should we cancel the work Christmas party? by

    Seamus Burke writes that the annual Christmas party can be a hotbed of potential liability – and social media has added another layer of complexity. However, there’s no reason to cancel the party just yet...

  • Keeping young workers in check during the festive season by

    Concerned about younger workers 'slacking off' in the lead up to the festive season? Eva-Maria provides her top tips for ensuring workers remain productive and engaged.

  • Managing is knowing your people by

    One of the best books ever written on talent management is The Talent Masters by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan (published November, 2010). The book reveals the special characteristics that separate truly effective talent management from programs that seem ok but don't have a big impact.

  • High hopes for post-GFC pay rises: a challenge for HR professionals by

    With the GFC storm navigated on these shores, employees and jobseekers are now looking forward to a nice pay rise after months of inaction. But Australian employers aren’t quite ready to boost remuneration budgets to pre-GFC levels. Derek Berry, principal, human capital at Mercer, discusses the challenges this brings

  • Opinion: The risks of consumer technologies at work by

    Employees are becoming more confident in asking their managers to provide them with consumer technologies at work – or bringing in their own. Greg Singh of RSA weighs up the risks the technology brings

  • One porn move and it’s last (pay) cheque mate by

    The sacking of NSW Ports Minister and subsequent resignation of the HR director has shone the light yet again on inappropriate internet usage, writes Bryan Cook

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