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  • The three dimensions of redundancy by

    Increased economic volatility has put redundancies back on the agenda and Australian companies need to avoid repeating the mistakes of three years ago, warns Jeremy Nichols.

  • Why employee relations are hotter than you think by

    Managing poor performance crops up as one of those well-worn HR topics that is bandied around the minute someone starts a sentence with “I have a problem with one of my staff …”

  • HR and IT: Should they co-operate, or collaborate? by

    As technology permeates the workplace, Scott Mason writes that HR and IT need to become allies if organisations are to successfully navigate the changing way we work.

  • Engaging the next generation of leaders by

    Mercer's 'What's Working' survey of 1,000 Australian employees found that the national workforce is motivated more by strong, quality leadership than employee bonuses or benefits. Marianne Roux explores how to engage mid-level managers.

  • A Christmas wish list by

    Kate Messenger asks if employee knowledge-sharing and a shift towards true customer-centricity could be the answer for retail employers looking to get ahead of the competition over the festive season.

  • Technology Insight: The rise of the tablet by

    From the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the highest office in government, the tablet is radically changing our relationship with technology and how we consume information. Ari Kopoulos outlines how employers should be making the most of it.

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