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  • Leadership Insight; Why training fails to meet its long-term objectives by

    Leonie Curtis-Kempnich outlines why training often fails to meet long-term individual and organisational objectives.

  • From Capitalism to Talentism by

    A major challenge for businesses today and into the future will be building a defensible, diverse bench of talent ahead of less prepared competitors. Dianne Jacobs provides her tips.

  • Safety First by

    How important is risk perception to safety culture? Ros Burke says the management of safety should be handled in the same systematic way employers manage their finances – using a structured risk management approach that is auditable, reproducible and measurable

  • Frontline Intelligence: Instep - Business acumen here to stay by

    What do business leaders expect from their HR function? Kate Henderson outlines what skills early HR career professionals need to work on to stay ahead of the pack.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Legal - The politics of adverse action by

    Peter Doughman outlines why recent developments in the Barclay case are a cause for concern for employers.

  • Contractor tax obligations by

    As Sue Williamson explains, the cost of getting the classification of contractors wrong is high and anyone with contractors on their books needs to make sure that they have been correctly classified for tax, superannuation and fair work purposes.

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