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  • Opinion: HR on the edge of a cliff by Contributor

    Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith outlines how HR will be at the heart of business disruption – but it must first reinvent itself

  • Placing value on valued employees by External

    John Day, CEO of Smartequity, explains how a well-designed employee remuneration strategy firmly anchored in business objectives helps organisations attract, retain and motivate employees

  • Defining and developing a team by HCA

    Just about everybody these days is dependent on another person to get their work done. Which team do you rely on, asks Dr Dick McCann

  • Mentoring: An effective meeting with your mentor by HCA

    Anthony Howard provides some tips on how to get the most value out of a one on one meeting with a mentor.

  • Teambuilding: Getting the right mix to create successful teams by HCA

    It's rare to find a team that's performing so well it doesn't need further development. 'Where to start?' is one of the most important questions facing HR consultants when planning a team intervention, writes Dr Dick McCann

  • Developing leaders during tough economic times by HCA

    How can leaders thrive during a recession? Adam Kreuzer writes that a multidimensional learning approach with strong links between organisational goals and enterprise-wide leadership competencies develops resilient leaders.

  • Corporate culture: How to maintain a healthy people resource and corporate profile by HCA

    A hundred years ago, the key resource for business was the capital that bought the raw materials, land, factories and transport needed by businesses to thrive. People, although important to the whole process, made little difference to the productivity delivered by the machines that capital was able to buy. Things have changed, writes Craig McCallum

  • Payroll goes green? by HCA

    Max Nicholls explores how paperless payrolls and 'green' payslips can help reduce your carbon footprint

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