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  • Opinion: HR on the edge of a cliff by Contributor

    Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith outlines how HR will be at the heart of business disruption – but it must first reinvent itself

  • Placing value on valued employees by External

    John Day, CEO of Smartequity, explains how a well-designed employee remuneration strategy firmly anchored in business objectives helps organisations attract, retain and motivate employees

  • Legal: Swine Flu - Business as usual? by HCA

    Extensive media exposure and the confirmed cases of swine flu in Australia have sparked debate among concerned employers about their ability to fulfil workplace health and safety obligations during a pandemic. Fay Calderone provides some tips

  • Changing the way we change by HCA

    Change and transition outcomes are achieved by more than hard-metric results. It is how people get those results. Dianne Jacobs advocates an action learning approach to change management

  • Has human resource development been helpful? by HCA

    The requirements of employer and employee have profoundly changed over the past 25 years, but traditional HRD has not kept pace with these shifting priorities. Dr Tim Baker reveals why in his latest book

  • Superannuation: HR's role as an information conduit by HCA

    The latest round of changes to superannuation, announced in last month's Federal Budget, has many implications for Australian workers contributing towards superannuation, in particular for those who are nearing retirement. HR should be acting as a conduit for this information, writes Peter Promnitz

  • Change management: Minimising the risks of failure in your organisation by HCA

    According to BearingPoint global research in the field of strategic change management, regardless of the source, change efforts bring several risks of failure that revolve around people and the organisation undergoing change. Adam Kreuzer writes

  • Corporate culture: How do great organisations maintain low levels of turnover? by HCA

    How do great organisations maintain low levels of turnover and high levels of employee satisfaction? The answer, Craig McCallum reveals, is found in one word: culture.

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