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  • Skills and behaviours of great leaders by External

    Penelope Cottrill, principal practice lead, leadership & learning at Nous Group, outlines the key attributes leaders must have in 2017

  • Dismissing an employee overseas by External

    With a global workforce, understanding your legal responsibilities as an employer has never been more critical. George Cooper, partner, Melbourne and Asia at Ashurst, outlines which jurisdiction applies  for employers based overseas

  • Best practice: Putting employees first pays off for HCL by HCA

    One global IT organisation has turned theories about customer loyalty on their head by adopting 'Employee First Customer Second'. The results have been a sea-change for the organisation - here's how they did it

  • Corporate culture: Tread carefully during restructuring by HCA

    Now more than ever brand loyalty from both customers and employees is critical. Craig McCallum explains why

  • Legal: Twittering towards dismissal? by HCA

    How far can employers go to discipline employees for social networking posts they make in their private time? Fay Calderone provides the answers

  • Training & development: Survival tips for your organisation by HCA

    Amidst the doom and gloom, it is the skill and commitment of an organisation's people that will take the company where it wants to go in the future, writes John Taya and Stuart Orr

  • How to reap the rewards of executive coaching by

    Coaching offers an opportunity to develop clarity in work habits and skills practices, and provides invaluable insights that highlight gaps, clarifies expectations and does not compromise the individual in any way. Ricky Nowak explores how to get the most from coaching

  • Mentoring: Establishing a mentoring culture by HCA

    We all have mentors - people who show us the way and help us tread a wiser path. We require different types of mentors at different times in our lives and careers. Anthony Howard provides some tips for establishing a mentor friendly culture in your organisation

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