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  • Skills and behaviours of great leaders by External

    Penelope Cottrill, principal practice lead, leadership & learning at Nous Group, outlines the key attributes leaders must have in 2017

  • Dismissing an employee overseas by External

    With a global workforce, understanding your legal responsibilities as an employer has never been more critical. George Cooper, partner, Melbourne and Asia at Ashurst, outlines which jurisdiction applies  for employers based overseas

  • Sexual harassment in Australia – What’s going on? by

    Despite nearly three decades of legislation and increased awareness of the problem, sexual harassment remains a significant problem in the workplace. Stuart King reports on the latest survey findings.

  • Turning downsizing and restructuring events into positive ROI by

    Is it possible to create positive results for retention, company reputation and brand equity following difficult events? Bruce Anderson believes so, and provides his tips.

  • Have you fallen out of love with your job? by HCA

    When you break up from a relationship you don't normally keep living together - you move on. So why do so many stick doggedly to their jobs, even when they are far from 'in love' with it? Leslie Alderman provides 10 tips to find your 'soul job'.

  • Fair Work Act Review: Much to do about nothing by HCA

    Gerard Phillips writes that the review of the Fair Work Act has been a failed opportunity to address serious structural issues in Australia's IR system.

  • Should teachers’ performance be assessed? by

    It's rare that a job cannot be measured for performance purposes, yet there is reluctance to apply such measures to areas such as teaching. Dr Tony van Rensburg outlines how legitimate and fair performance measures can be enforced.

  • Social media: Help and hindrance by

    While the consultants will advise caution with social media in the workplace context, Ellen Flint presents a unique view from the HR professional's perspective.

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