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  • Frontline Intelligence - Legal: Auditing your workplace culture by

    Can a corporate culture make a difference to the bottom line? Can it reduce the likelihood of bullying, discrimination and harassment? The answer is a resounding 'yes', as Joydeep Hor and Georgia Rutecki outline.

  • Frontline Intelligence - HR Recruitment: Professional development in HR by

    HR professionals need to ensure thier own personal development addresses the technical aspects of their role, as well as the business context in which they operate. Lisa Robson outlines the fine balancing act required.

  • Will flexibility make the boomers the working poor? by

    While debate swirls around calls for employers to provide more flexible working hours for older workers, Malcolm King says it's time for a rethink on flexibility; and there is a big distinction between flexibility of workers and flexibility for workers.

  • Why are performance conversations frequently unproductive? by

    Giving and receiving performance feedback should be mutually beneficial to manager and employee - but often the experience is often negative. Why? The answer may come from insights provided by neuroscience, writes Dr Tony van Rensburg.

  • Coaching lessons from neuroscience by

    How do you coach effectively in an environment characterised by ambiguity, rapid change and uncertainty? Dr Connie Henson outlines how neuroscience can help people better understand their own behaviour, reinforce change efforts and rewire their brains to make more effective decisions in an unpredictable world.

  • An engaging vision: AIM transforms by

    In May 2009 the employee engagement score at AIM was an embarrassing 39%. Two years later it had climbed to 72%. David Wakeley outlines how the organisation transformed, and provides tips for others to follow their lead.

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