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  • The potential benefits of utilising pre-employment medicals by

    What’s the business case for adopting pre-employment medicals? What are the downsides and benefits? Nick Binns outlines why every organisation stands to possibly benefit.

  • Avoiding legal pitfalls when enforcing post-employment obligations by

    Andrew Tobin, Brett Bolton and Damon King outline how to avoid the pitfalls and traps that can arise when trying to prevent a former employee from unfairly competing with you.

  • Innovation in HR technology by

    The battle for the internet’s future is taking place on your tablet and smartphone. As such we can expect to see an evolution of products with more emphasis on connections between people, information, and location. Ari Kopoulos outlines how this translates to innovation in HR technology.

  • Learning transfer: Best practice by

    With only about 15-20% of the learning investments that organisations make actually result in work performance change, what can be done to improve matters? Julie Pigdon outlines the essentials of becoming a learning organisation.

  • Making talent metrics count by

    What’s the key to HR becoming a more strategic contributor to business? Peter Howes outlines the increasing importance and sophistication of HR analyrics.

  • Joining the C-suite – What’s expected now? by

    Being a member of the C-team requires giving up not only control of day to day tasks but actually having a much more ill defined set of metrics that measure individual success. Cindy Wahler outlines what to expect.

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