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  • How to take a career break by Human Capital

    Are you considering taking a work break but concerned about the impact it could have on your career? Sarah Derry, director of People Reaching Potential, shares her tips for navigating a break successfully.

  • Opinion: How to handle an internal promotion by Human Capital

    What happens when you receive a promotion and find yourself managing your former team? HR professional Anna Sarelas gives her top tips for managing this situation.

  • Opinion: How to have flexibility without career compromise by Human Capital

    HR professional Anna Sarelas shares her tips on how to be ambitious and career-focused and choose to work part time without limiting your opportunities.

  • Opinion: The secret art of managing remote teams by Human Capital

    When you have team members dispersed all over the world, you must generate the glue to keep them – and the project – together. Soren Schoennemann, managing director – Australia/New Zealand at Jabra, shares his top tips.

  • Opinion: The rise of the Chief Happiness Officer by Human Capital

    Could employing a "chief happiness officer" be the way to turn your business around? Jabra Australia/New Zealand managing director Soren Schonnemann looks at ways to solve the productivity paradox that plagues organisations.

  • Opinion: Designing conflict into your organisation by Human Capital

    Don’t seek to deal with workplace bullying by getting rid of conflict, instead develop the capability of your organisation to have healthy conflict, writes Danielle Carney, principal consultant of PEEL HR Consulting & Mediation.

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