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  • Opinion: Redefining talent management to improve company performance by External

    Many organisations make the mistake of defining top talent simply as high performers, without taking into consideration their alignment with the company's overall strategy. Paul MacRae outlines a better approach.

  • Opinion: Three tips to ensure your L&D plans have real business impact by External

    HR leaders agree that employee development should be an organisational priority. But do they practice what they preach? Here are three tips to ensure your L&D plans have real business impact.

  • Opinion: Cloud boom empowers business, creates new career opportunities by External

    A 'perfect storm' of infrastructure development, economic growth, innovation, new business skills, and changing consumer behaviour is driving the current focus on the cloud as a business builder, writes Chris Cheadle.

  • How to merge cultures in a business partnership by External

    The cultural component of a merger can be make or break – one expert provides some tips to take on board.

  • Opinion: Diverse and inclusive workforces central to solving challenges facing agriculture by External

    The image presented of agriculture and farming - of men working the land, hardened by the sun and drought - is outdated. Agriculture is a key growth sector in the Australian economy and must improve productivity and efficiency like any other industry that competes in the global market. To do so requires diverse and inclusive workforces and STEM skills are playing an increasingly important role, writes Julia Bailey.

  • Opinion: How to find top HR talent by External

    While it’s true there are more candidates than jobs right across the spectrum of HR roles presently, there’s always intense competition for the top candidates. But there are many steps businesses can take to ensure the cream of the crop is attracted to working with them, writes Peter Woodward.

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