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AEShareNet is an online catalogue of learning materials owned by organisations across Australia. Its search engine allows users to search and locate learning materials of interest on the database and find out how and where to acquire these materials.

For consumers of learning materials, the website provides immediate access to a large range of training material, for both their own use and exchange within the AEShareNet system. Much of the training material on the site is available royalty free. When a licence is required, the site avoids the need to negotiate a conventional licence and provides limited rights to enhance this material, as specified by the licence mark. It also protects users legally through the provision of a set of licence conditions which comply with copyright.

For providers of training materials the website delivers a new distribution channel, saves time, staff resources and legal costs, which would otherwise be taken up in negotiating and formalising licences in the conventional manner. It also avoids the complexity of sublicensing by bringing all participants into a direct contractual relationship.Graphically, the site is rudimentary, but given the complexity of its purpose, the plain layout makes finding the appropriate section simple enough. As this site grows, its utility will increase. Overall an excellent initiative.