• What’s driving motivation? by

    The landscape of employee retention is shifting worldwide, and according to new research, more workers are currently looking to leave their organisation due to a ‘what am I getting’ mindset.

  • Leaders fear employee poaching by

    More than half of all employers believe heads of other companies are seeking to poach their top people, according to new survey data.

  • Gulf between pay rise expectations by

    A new survey has revealed that while 35% of employees expect their salary to rise by 6% or more in their next review, just 6% of employers intend on meeting that expectation.

  • Effective onboarding needed for staff retention by

    Employers are failing to build an effective onboarding program into standard business processes, which means they are losing the perfect opportunity to instill their values and corporate culture, and are at risk of stifling employees’ excitement and enthusiasm, according to Kelly Services Australia.

  • Call for less time wasting, more productivity by

    Despite Australians regularly being acknowledged for a strong work ethic and commitment to long hours, a new productivity study has revealed almost a fifth of time spent at work is 'wasted'.

  • Cash not an incentive to stay by

    As we enter the festive season of holiday bonuses, two workplace experts have advised employers that money won't buy loyalty or happiness from an employee.

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