• What employees want – myths exposed in new survey by Human Capital

    Australian job hunters and employees are among the most demanding in the world – but are some of the common myths about jobseekers true or false?

  • The tide is changing on social media: Survey by Human Capital

    Having moved away from outright bans on social media, an employers’ attitude to social media access at work is now impacting on whether or not a candidate will take a job, according to a recruitment survey.

  • Caltex fuels parental return-to-work debate by Iain Hopkins

    Caltex Australia has become the latest employer to recognise the need to support return-to-work parents, with the announcement of a ground-breaking initiative.

  • ‘Working poor’ sub-class set to rise as job quality declines by Human Capital

    As Australia’s manufacturing sector contracts, a growing number of people are joining the ranks of the working poor with jobs that are low paid, unskilled, insecure and offer few career prospects, according to researchers at the University of Sydney Business School.

  • Loyalty out as job hopping becomes the new norm by HCA

    The latest ABS labour mobility statistics indicate that job hopping is on the increase for Australian employees - but experts have advised there are steps that can be taken to improve loyalty.

  • Time to revisit on-site childcare facilities? by Iain Hopkins

    The political hot potato of childcare costs has been raised again – but some employers are taking matters into their own hands.

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