• CFOs take on sustainability responsibilities by

    Organisations that voluntarily adopt environmental and socially responsible policies outperform those without sustainability-related policies, new research has shown.

  • Attracting young talent: Big $ not enough by

    A new study has found young professionals are seeking inspirational work environments that accommodate social media, device freedom and remote work options – and they’re prepared to take a lower salary to get it.

  • Receive applications via SMS by HCA

    The future of advertising job roles and receiving applications is set to undergo a major transformation as tech companies seek to transform the recruitment process.

  • The bottom line on executive contracting by External

    As Australian businesses grapple with market volatility and uncertainty compounded by a talent shortage, HR leaders are increasing turning to contracting strategies to fill executive roles. Georgia Murch explains the ins and outs of executive contracting.

  • Harness talent of the long-term unemployed by

    Australia is weathering the unemployment storm better than other developed nations such as the US and UK, but the long-term unemployed are still facing significant hurdles from employers unwilling to give them a shot.

  • Gen Y jobs experience turnaround by

    After experiencing one of the worst unemployment rates, Gen Y has now recorded the strongest employment growth over the last two year period, according to the latest jobs figures.

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