• Number of 457 visas increased by 50%+ by

    As companies struggle to get ahead of the skills shortage, the federal government has increased the number of skilled migrant visas – the 457 visa – available and many businesses are beginning to take advantage of the visa program.

  • How to nab the best grads: Competing in the war for talent by

    New research has revealed that while Australia and New Zealand are the among the highest users of unstructured interviews – and perceive them to be quite effective – this process is next to useless in selecting best-fit graduates.

  • Employment expectations remain positive in spite of volatility by

    Despite international market volatility, Australian organisations intend to increase permanent headcount over the course of the next three months, according to new data released today.

  • Recruiter hit by jobs slump by

    One of Australia’s biggest recruitment agencies has been severely hit by a sharp earnings downgrade, triggering fears of a white-collar jobs slump off the bat of delayed hiring decisions and redundancies.

  • Most Australian professionals are ‘Creative’ by

    According to a new survey, the number one most overused word used by Australian professionals to describe themselves is ‘creative’, followed closely by ‘extensive experience’ and ‘effective’.

  • Airing the pressures of human resources: HR at Sullair Australia by

    Many industries around the country are facing a skills shortage, but this is particularly acute for companies reliant on sourcing tradespeople. Erika Krenmayr, HR manager with Sullair Australia, discusses strategies the company uses to address this issue.

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