• Are Aussies unwilling to move west for jobs? by Stephanie Zillman

    The debate is heating up as HR execs at mining companies & government resort to bringing in foreign workers while unions and pollies say they’ve got Aussies ready and willing to work.

  • Social media recruitment: don’t get left behind by Stephanie Zillman

    According to the latest research as well as the word-on-the-street, social media is not only a credible way to attract candidates, but is quickly becoming the way to find talent who will be the best cultural fit.

  • Schoolyard bullies to face job ban by

    Under a new initiative supported by the NSW government, employers will be encouraged to reject job applications from school leavers with a history of bullying.

  • The hardest workers are down south: report finds by Stephanie Zillman

    According to new research, Australian employees are time wasters – however, workers in one state are bucking the trend. Should HR head south to recruit top talent?

  • Weird interview questions that work by HCA

    HR directors at the world’s biggest firms are using left-of-centre tactics in the interview room by asking simple questions about the company and its business.

  • Hiring decisions come to a screeching halt by HCA

    There seems to be two schools of thought around how to handle the economic uncertainty – and it appears women are acting more confidently in their HR decisions.

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