• Wacky resumes: destined for the bin? by Stephanie Zillman

    Giant cookies, bottles of champagne, all delivered with a singing telegram – how far is too far? Do wacky resumes have a one-way ticket to the nearest landfill?

  • Graduate CV fraud on the rise by Stephanie Zillman

    As university fees rise and graduate employment rates vary widely by sector, a new survey has found that education fraud is likely to become more widespread.

  • The problem with hiring friends and family by Astrid Wilson

    For HR professionals in both small and large companies the issue of hiring a friend or family member inevitably crops up – is it something to be dismissed from the outset?

  • Still getting a raw deal: employers ignore quality labour by

    The workforce participation rate for disabled people in Australia has not improved since 2003 – it seems a lack of employer understanding is precluding access to this untapped workforce.

  • Recruitment strategies in uncertain times by Human Capital

    Alan Osrin outlines how businesses are managing their staffing needs in 2012

  • Panic in the ranks? Top tips to lure ex-pats to Oz by Stephanie Zillman

    As Sydney, Melbourne and Perth join the ranks of the most expensive cites in the world for ex-pats, its high-time for HR to clarify the recruitment strategy for luring much-needed overseas talent.

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