• Obese female candidates shown the door by Stephanie Zillman

    A new study looked at the extent to which HR professionals stigmatise obese candidates in the recruitment phase – the findings indicated that obese female candidates are likely to be disadvantaged.

  • Schmoozing young talent: mining companies set sights on high school-ers by Stephanie Zillman

    Is it ever too early to recruit keen young minds? One mining company is selling the perks of life in the mines to year 11 and 12 students.

  • Online dating and recruitment have a lot in common by Stephanie Zillman

    You wouldn’t marry someone you had only met online, would you? According to one expert recruiter, hiring someone you have only met online is fraught with risk.

  • Do you really need to hire a social media expert? by Human Capital

    There’s debate over the value of one staff member focused entirely on social media, but if it’s key to your marketing and customer service, it might be time to invest in an expert.

  • How much are your people worth? by Stephanie Zillman

    A new report has indicated a disconnect between current market salaries and what organisations are actually offering. A whopping one third of Aussie employers are getting it wrong.

  • Access to wage subsidy a helping hand by Stephanie Zillman

    Your organisation may be eligible for a new government wage subsidy of approximately $5,700 for each job placement.

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