• Onboarding crucial to retention by Cameron Edmond

    Getting onboarding right is crucial to dropping your organisation’s turn-over rates, saving you time and money, according to one expert.

  • 457 Visa debate heats up by Cameron Edmond,HCA

    With the migration bill passing the House of Representatives, the debate over its merits intensifies.

  • Best practices for new employee onboarding by External

    It is estimated that 50% of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months on the job. Talya Bauer outlines the critical role onboarding can play in making career transitions much smoother.

  • Gen Y heading overseas for work by Cameron Edmond

    The hiring reluctance of the past few years is about to catch up with organisations, as a resounding number of young Australians prepare to look overseas for work.

  • Forget the best, pick the mediocre candidate by Caitlin Nobes

    Should you pick the candidate that’s underqualified or just “fine”? That’s what one study suggests.

  • Employment prospects dropping – but good news for HR pros by Cameron Edmond

    Australian organisations remain sceptical about hiring new employees, but there are some positive developments for HR.

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