• Australia: A nation of job-hoppers by Cameron Edmond

    New research has revealed that Australian workplaces are the most volatile and erratic when it comes to employee turnover – what is driving our nation of job-hoppers?

  • Three quarters of applicants have already lied to you by Stephanie Zillman

    A startling 75% of applicants have falsified or omitted critical elements of their experience and work history, a leading background check firm has revealed.

  • Psychometric testing: Time for a reality check by Cameron Edmond

    Employers that favour psychometric testing over other recruitment methods may be missing out on some of their top talent, one expert says.

  • Are graduates less engaged? by Cameron Edmond

    While still an important asset in many professions, university degrees may result in higher levels of disengagement, a study has found.

  • Forget about your employees, what is your digital footprint like? by Cameron Edmond

    The recent termination of a media company’s executive over misogynistic Twitter posts has sparked the need to discuss the presence of all executives online, and how that is perceived by candidates.

  • “IDEAL” Australian employers revealed! by Cameron Edmond

    The first Australian My Future Career survey from Universum has been released, revealing the employers Australian university students are most interested in working for.

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