• Cultural fit: A cop-out for discrimination? by Cameron Edmond

    Despite becoming a hallmark of modern recruitment, cultural fit is not without its critics. Is it providing a discrimination cop-out? Is it fundamentally flawed?

  • Most in-demand Australian companies revealed by Cameron Edmond

    Aggregating data from its user base, LinkedIn has revealed the most in- demand organisations for 2013 – who makes the cut?

  • What you need to know about LinkedIn Intro: Security concerns by Cameron Edmond

    Since its release last week, LinkedIn Intro has come under heavy fire for the way it handles user data. HC investigated whether or not you should be getting to know LinkedIn Intro.

  • Gen Y to the haters: We don’t like you either by HCA

    Generation Y make up a third of the workplace, and they are the most maligned demographic – but the generation conflict isn’t one-directional.

  • Cultivate your own stars instead of pinching others by Stephanie Zillman

    ‘Star’ recruits play an integral role in the talent pipeline – but as the war for talent rages on aided in no small part by the advent of LinkedIn, isn’t it time to cultivate stars from the ground up?

  • Finding the poison in your team by Cameron Edmond

    A well-balanced team is made up of versatile and complementing personalities. But just as they can work together well, things can also go south. Here’s how to find the poison in your team.

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