Occupational health & safety

  • NSW schools get 'violent student' search powers by

    From the first day of semester NSW schools will be able to request information held by several state agencies on students with violent histories.

  • Alcohol in the workplace is a serious, yet hidden problem by

    Employers need to be mindful of the effects of alcohol on safety and productivity - particularly during the festive season - warns Frontline Diagnostics.

  • Avoid the Christmas party “hangover” by

    Every year practitioners deal with the “hangovers” from office parties, which frequently end up in court and discrimination/industrial tribunals.

  • Swine flu may catch employers on the trot by HCA

    A swine flu pandemic could have serious OHS and business continuity implications for businesses, and those that are unprepared will be hardest hit, Zoe Lyon writes

  • National OH&S regime nears by

    A new report tabled by Workplace Relations Minister Julia Gillard may well form the blueprint for consistent occupational health and safety legislation

  • Safety first by

    You can talk “safety” till you’re blue in the face, but until every person in your organisation lives and breathes a culture of safety, yours will be a high-risk workplace. Teresa Russell examines how organisations can save money and lives in their pursuit of a safe workplace

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