Occupational health & safety

  • Expert Insight: Adding value through OH&S automation by

    Automating the OH&S process facilitates informed decision-making and promotes a healthier, safer workplace. Ari Kopoulos outlines the characteristics of a good OH&S system.

  • Strike the safety balance: Modern psychology vs behavioural adherence by

    Effective occupational health and safety (OHS) measures are a combination of behavioural-based safety (BBS) programs, and official OHS policy adherence, according to leading safety specialists.

  • ‘Do more rather than less’: New OHS laws by HCA

    Organisations must focus on improving their communication between internal departments if they are to successfully meet the new OHS laws which will take effect on 1 January 2012.

  • ABCC wins OHS site entry appeal by

    The Australian Building and Construction Commissioner has claimed victory in its Federal Court appeal to retain the right of unions to enter construction sites to inspect safety concerns.

  • Comcare spanked for underpaying by

    The Commonwealth Ombudsman has found that Comcare does not currently have a means for injured government workers to redress miscalculations in payments.

  • Qld insulation victim’s mum speaks with CFMEU by

    “He was a special kid. It didn’t matter who met, everybody liked him,” Sweeney’s mother Wendy Sweeney said in the interview with the CFMEU. “Christmas will be hard this year.... It just shouldn’t have happened.”

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