Occupational health & safety

  • Dismissal for health reasons ruled unlawful by Miriam Bell

    Dismissing an employee for health reasons could lead to legal trouble – so it’s a good idea to exercise compassion and good sense when dealing with an ill or injured employee.

  • Sexual harassment in Australia – What’s going on? by

    Despite nearly three decades of legislation and increased awareness of the problem, sexual harassment remains a significant problem in the workplace. Stuart King reports on the latest survey findings.

  • Casual worker injury rates skyrocket by HCA

    New research has revealed that casual workers face a 50% higher risk of injury than non-casuals. How can HR reduce these risks, and which other key demographics are prone to injury?

  • Resources sector a salary yardstick by HCA

    For the first time in six years, the salary gap between the mining and resource sectors and other industry sectors has lessened according to new survey results.

  • ABCC wins OHS site entry appeal by

    The Australian Building and Construction Commissioner has claimed victory in its Federal Court appeal to retain the right of unions to enter construction sites to inspect safety concerns.

  • Comcare spanked for underpaying by

    The Commonwealth Ombudsman has found that Comcare does not currently have a means for injured government workers to redress miscalculations in payments.

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