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  • Influence and negotiation skills for the new workplace by

    There can be no argument against people’s desire to master the art of persuasion and the power of influence – it is what makes great leaders and is a highly sought after skill by executives and managers alike. So how does one steer a successful negotiation? What tools are required? And just what is the difference between influencing and negotiating? Of all these questions, one thing remains certain: both demand a structured approach.

  • New Editorial Board About The Hot HR Issues for 2007 by

    Melissa Yen speaks with some members of Human Resources magazine’s new editorial board about the hot HR issues for 2007

  • Passion Maps by

    I remember seeing a newspaper cartoon when I was a child. It depicted a small army of grey-suited men trudging to their city offices on a Monday morning. These men all had the same downtrodden expressions on their face, the same depressed hanging of the head, and the same despondent shuffling of the shoes on their way to work. I thought to myself at the time, “Why would you? Why would you get out of bed for anything other than something you love?”

  • Shades of grey by

    When around one quarter of applicants either massage the truth or lie outright in their CVs, how can you be sure that the top candidates for any position really have done all they say they have? Teresa Russell reports

  • Widening the net for good graduates by

    Finding suitably qualified and skilled graduates is becoming increasingly challenging and competitive. We have traditionally used academic results to shortlist the best candidates from a large pool of graduate applications. What other methods can we use to ensure we are capturing the top candidates, without increasing time-to-hire?

  • Reinforcing change through 360-degree feedback by

    Last year our managers all went through a 360-degree feedback process. It was well received but how can we ensure that in this next cycle they actually commit to and make some positive behavioural changes that benefit them and the organisation?

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