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  • The business of MBAs by

    With stagnant or declining enrolments, universities are trying to rework their MBA programs to attract students, while keeping up with the demands of business. Teresa Russell explores recent trends and finds out how to get the best bang for your MBA buck

  • Schools of thought on executive education by

    The demand for executive education courses in Australia has boomed in the last five years. Teresa Russell examines this trend and finds out why HR and other business professionals are taking up these short courses in record numbers

  • Providing objective feedback to managers by

    I have a manager who is simply not operating at the strategic level. They are a really nice person and their own team thinks they are wonderful but they are very operationally focussed. What things can I do to help highlight my concerns?

  • The Corporate Communicator by

    Everyone has a phobia to some degree. A fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of aeroplane travel (aerophobia) or a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). It’s easy to understand why we may be fearful of such things, because physical harm or death may eventuate – even though the probability of this is extremely low.

  • Follow the leader by

    HR is usually pivotal in driving the development of an organisation’s leadership capabilities, but they can’t do it by themselves. Teresa Russell talks with a number of experts about leadership development, what works, what doesn’t and why

  • Achieving a high with EI by

    While many of harder assessment processes have gained wide acceptance in the HR community, emotional intelligence often struggles in comparison. Melissa Yen looks at the evolution of EI in the workplace and HR’s role in its application

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