100% YES!

by 15 May 2007

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an increasingly popular way of assessing the soft skills of managers and executives. There are a raft of tests available on the market to help companies assess EI, but what realistic, quick and effective methods are available to help managers and executives improve on the results of less than positive EI test results? Some programs promote cognitive (thinking) shifts, but pay insufficient attention to the all-important internal emotional shifts required to create long-term behavioural change. Thus, those low on EI tend to develop a new language or new ways of thinking about emotion, without significant transfer to behaviour.

There have been a number of breakthroughs in personal growth and improving one’s EI over the past decade. However, many of these methods are yet to make their way into corporate circles in a major way.

100% YES! is a peak performance development program which utilises some of these cutting edge techniques to promote personal and organisational change. Peak performance is a well-known concept within elite sporting circles, and the same principles can be applied within the corporate environment. Developed by internationally recognised psychologist and peak performance consultant Steve Wells, the main techniques of 100% YES! are drawn from the new field of energy psychology, which is known for its ability to effect rapid and powerful shifts in emotional states and behaviour.

100% YES! gives HR managers new strategies for dealing with their most important day-to-day challenges, specifically conflict and performance-related issues, and the many issues related to managing emotional people. Since emotions drive behaviour and therefore performance, having effective state-management tools on hand is useful in dealing with emotional issues at all levels of an organisation.

For managers, 100% YES! can assist in building self-directed, self-motivated employees, who align with the company through choice, and willingly direct their energies towards the achievement of organisational goals. It does this by assisting workers at all levels to clarify their identity, vision, values and goals, and consider the fit with company vision, values and goals. Self-motivated people happily align with the organisational vision because they know that doing so will help them achieve shared goals. Alternatively, they leave the company because they discover they are in the wrong place.

100% YES! develops the most important leadership skill – self-leadership. It does this by focusing first on the individual or inner level and then on the group or outer level. The program also assists those who most need it to iron out their own emotion management issues – particularly confronting difficult issues and people, and managing the stresses and anxieties of high-level leadership and management.

100% YES! is a two-day workshop that uses energy psychology techniques such as emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and simple energy techniques (SET) to help overcome false and limiting beliefs as well as emotional barriers to success. The workshop also incorporates provocative energy techniques, which deliberately play with stereotypes to challenge normal ways of thinking in order to get participants thinking and feeling in new ways.

100% YES is a breath of much needed fresh air in corporate training. It gets to the roots of behavioural change and uses some of the most effective tools available today to bring about rapid and lasting change.

For more information, call 1300 362 981 or visit www.eftdownunder.com or www.execedge.com.au. Cost: $795 (early bird discount rate: $595). Next workshops: Perth: 26–27 May, Brisbane: 11–12 August, Melbourne: 25–26 August, and Sydney: 6–7 October.