• Gen-Y optimistic for 2014 by Cameron Edmond

    Gen-Y is optimistic for the year ahead, compared to the more pessimistic outlook of their elders, new research has found.

  • Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela by Cameron Edmond

    It is undeniable that the late Nelson Mandela was a world-class leader and a savvy politician. What lessons can HR and business leaders learn from him?

  • CEO personality key to success by Cameron Edmond

    Why is your organisation failing? The CEO might be a little too proud.

  • Lonely at the top: Should we be removing corporate hierarchy? by Cameron Edmond

    Despite a slow march towards flatter management, organisations still feature hierarchies, but one expert is calling for leaders to invite everyone to the top floor.

  • Workplace romance: Who’s on top? by Cameron Edmond

    Love affairs in the workplace can be troublesome. This is compounded when it happens to be between an employee and their superior.

  • The bell curve comeback by Cameron Edmond

    Viewed nowadays as an archaic methodology, one household name is bringing back bell curve rankings, and employees aren’t too happy.

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