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  • Technology is a key factor in shared services by

    Technology is often a deciding factor in the adoption of shared services, and 73% of public sector organisations believe that supporting technology is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ when implementing a shared service for HR and payroll, according to new UK research.

  • Prepare for backlash by

    Heading home for the day no longer means the work is done – and industry experts have voiced their concerns that technology isn’t liberating workers through flexibility, but trapping them in a 24-hour work cycle.

  • Frontline Intelligence: HR Technology - Leadership development plans by

    Nick Southcombe writes that many of the manual processes associated with identifying and leveraging talent for future organisational needs can be eased with impactful human capital solutions.

  • Social media: Overanalysed...but underutilised? by

    Social media is being lauded as a tool with which HR professionals can engage with past, current and future employees, and is simultaneously being derided as a waste of employees' productive time. David Owens explores the way forward.

  • HR and the cloud: A burgeoning trend for 2012 by

    Cloud computing is changing the face of HR, and according to new research, is enabling even small organisations to operate on a global scale.

  • Streamlined onboarding proves winning approach by

    The Australian HR Awards held in Sydney last Friday saw recognition of excellence within the industry – and at the cutting edge of implementing streamlined HR processes, Brookfield Multiplex took out the award for Best use of Technology.

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