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  • Frontline Intelligence - Technology: Your HRIS and bullying by

    In this month's HR technology column Nick Southcombe tackes a reader question about how HRIS can assist in stamping out the practice of bullying in the workplace.

  • Employees who cyberloaf are more productive by

    New research has implications for any manager reprimanding employees for spending too much time surfing the net.

  • The blurring lines: IT Acceptable Use Policy by

    The one policy which seems to be updated more frequently than most in organisations today is the Acceptable Use Policy within IT. Now that the Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, the issue has a new twist. Gary Taylor explains.

  • Payroll: All systems go by

    Payroll professionals are often frustrated by the lack of recognition the function receives for the important role it plays. Tom Washington explores the reason for this frustration and asks how technology can make a difference

  • Assuring payday by

    No organisation can afford to mess with an employee’s pay, writes Angela Priestley, and the risks of payroll must be understood

  • All aboard the eHR train by

    eHR solutions can assist in reducing HR administrative and transactional workloads while improving cost and operational efficiencies. HR Leader looks at some of the latest trends in eHR and what they mean for HR professionals

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