HR Technology

  • HR & IT: Best friends forever? by External

    A common misconception is that it’s up to the IT department to impose restrictions on access to social media at work. Pat Devlin outlines where and how HR should be involved.

  • Frontline Intelligence - Technology: Performance management systems by

    This month Nick Southcombe tackles a question regarding the key points when to consider purchasing a performance management system.

  • Apple co-founder issues Y2K-style warning by Astrid Wilson

    Moving to the cloud is without a doubt one of the top trends in data management of 2012. Seminars, conferences, and webinars alike: it’s all about the cloud. But is it doomed for catastrophe?

  • Opportunity to lift productivity and performance lies with HR by Elizabeth Barnard

    Currently many organisations have a significant opportunity to lift productivity and performance by training up HR professionals to better handle ‘big data’ – an HR software expert has said.

  • Are you losing data when you lose staff? by Caitlin Nobes

    More than half of workers take data from their employer on their way out the door. Have you checked that employees aren’t leaving your organisation with a raft of protected data?

  • Bring your own device to work: What you need to know by Human Capital

    Employees, and to a lesser extent employers, often only see the ease and advantages of BYOD, but underestimate the potential consequences. Adrian Briscoe outlines why all parties need to tread carefully.

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