Post-GFC talent management: Back to the future or in with the new?

by 09 Sep 2010

The GFC has left a lasting impact on talent management programs, says Peter Wood, principal, human capital at Mercer

Now that the dust has settled

Contrary to what some might have expected,

While talent management has never been straightforward, the effect of the

While these measures might have saved jobs, or even ensured company

In the post-GFC environment organisations need to recalibrate their

The business and HR will need to ask questions such as:

• What workforce do we need to support our strategy?

• Do we have the people and skills within the organisation or the talent

• What kind of talent pool will we have if we continue with current practices?

• How do we want to reshape the talent landscape in our organisation?

The next generation of talent management will support the development of the

To achieve this, organisations will need to become more adept at integrating all

From the employee viewpoint, talent management will also begin to fulfil the

Organisations have a window of opportunity in which to critically analyse

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