Giving up on AHRI

by 13 Dec 2006

I am not sure why but I felt the need to comment on Janine Walker’s opinion-based article, “Why I have given up on AHRI” (Issue 115, 17 October 2006, p10), as I agree with her wholeheartedly and find AHRI very frustrating. I too have not renewed my membership this year. I saw no value in it – the website is poor, the magazines are full of articles aimed at HR students, and their events and functions are getting worse.

Against my better judgement, I attended the AHRI annual conference in Sydney this year. My reason for going was to meet other HR professionals, having recently returned to Sydney from Adelaide. The venue and setup was not at all conducive to networking and I found only one workshop that was of any interest to me. I was very disappointed.

I have now decided to join other, far more valuable networking groups such as the Staff and Exec HR networking group, Minter Ellison HR development group in Adelaide and Business Chicks in Sydney. I have recently joined HRINZ and have found each of these to be far more valuable than AHRI in terms of networking (which AHRI does very badly), workshops, talks and information. Someone from AHRI should take a look.

Thank goodness for Human Resources magazine, which provides some valuable articles and information.

Viona Young, regional human resources advisor Asia Pacific, Custom House