HR Strategy

  • What's your China strategy? by External

    Tasked with helping to expand operations into China? What separates the heroes from the zeroes is the ability to hit the ground with both a plan and the flexibility to update it on the fly. Morry Morgan provides some advice before you start to pack

  • Frontline Intelligence: What does it take to be an engaging organisation? by

    Ed Hurst tackles a perennial issue for businesses: how to create engaging workplaces.

  • Mavericks at work: Identify your own Steve Jobs by Stephanie Zillman

    Classic business principles such as team work may be stifling creativity in your organisation, which is why you need to handle high-achieving individualists in the right way.

  • Voluntary pay audits gain momentum by Stephanie Zillman

    An employer of 30,000 is the latest to join a growing list of companies engaging in voluntary pay audits to ensure all employees are being paid properly.

  • SG increase a communication imperative for HR by Stephanie Zillman

    Employers need to effectively communicate the increased super guarantee to employees or risk incurring a huge hit on their profitability.

  • HR Summit coming to Perth and Melbourne by

    The National HR Summit held recently in Sydney attracted record crowds as over 800 HR professionals gathered at Luna Park for two days of learning and inspiration. The HC team was there to catch all the action.

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