HR Strategy

  • Recession's impact on HR by

    If you are still reading textbooks about HR written before the global recession, you could be seriously out of touch with the appropriateness of your strategies. Gary Taylor outlines why.

  • Is your CEO on the nose? Expect huge losses by Stephanie Zillman

    New research has revealed startling statistics – having questionable leaders at the helm of your organisation could be putting off investors to the tune of millions.

  • Welcome breathing space for LAFHA arrangements by Stephanie Zillman

    After leaving employers and foreign workers in months of limbo, the Federal Budget finally confirmed that two years’ breathing space will be afforded to foreign LAFHA recipients.

  • Budget highlights for HR professionals by HCA

    It’s Federal Budget time again, and amid all the political agendas, it can be difficult to zero-in on what matters strictly to you. HC breaks it down to bring you the industry-specific budget wrap-up.

  • Oh what a feeling --- Australian sackings the Toyota way? by

    Pia Lee outlines the potential damage caused by the disconnect between Toyota's values and their actions taken in the recent retrenchment of 262 workers.

  • Refreshing take on teambuilding by Stephanie Zillman

    It’s not often a CSR endeavor comes along that also has the scope for a unique teambuilding experience – a not-for-profit foundation is giving landmine victims the gift of prosthetic hands, and they’re built by everyday Australian corporates.

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