HR Strategy

  • Reality check for exec pay and benefits by Iain Hopkins

    It’s expected at the top end of town, but are some of the executive perks on offer – corporate jets, private school fees, medical insurance – really that extravagant?

  • Leadership falters following redundancies by Iain Hopkins

    With large-scale redundancies in a variety of sectors being announced every other day, business consultants are urging employers to consider those employees left behind.

  • HR gets analytical by Iain Hopkins

    HR's analytical tools have come a long way from the haphazard insights gleaned from Excel spreadsheets. A new report has suggested that a new era of advanced workforce reporting will transform the HR function.

  • Frontline Intelligence - HR Recruitment: All around benefits for HR by

    Are there consistent themes that run through HR 'best practice' initiatives? How can HR ensure it gets buy-in from critical business leaders? Lisa Robson provides some tips.

  • Number of jobs being advertised falls for fifth consecutive month by Elizabeth Barnard

    A steady decline in the number of jobs ads has analysts convinced the unemployment rate is due for an increase, but there may also be more insidious reasons at play.

  • Why almost every leader is wrong about core messages by

    Why do so many business leaders remain fixated on core messages largely about their organisations, seemingly oblivious to their irrelevance? Geoff Kelly provides some insights to conduct internal communication more effectively.

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