HR Strategy

  • Exit interviews, still front and centre? by Rose Sneyd

    Are outgoing employees advocates for your company, or bitter and twisted, spraying bad publicity to all who will listen? Even after an employment relationships end badly, exit interviews can go towards ending on a high note.

  • Teleworking week shines spotlight on HR’s flexibility by Stephanie Zillman

    Today marks the launch of Australia’s first National Telework Week. The technology is available, but are Australian organisations ready and willing?

  • Next year flagged as year of salary increases by Stephanie Zillman

    Your joy or depression will depend on which side of the fence you sit – but 2013 has been predicted as a year of 4% salary increases.

  • Cup Day hangovers: block access to sick leave? by HCA

    Sore heads around the office are guaranteed following the nation’s biggest boozefest. But in the wake of the festivities lies the dilemma of what to do with the overindulging, hungover employee.

  • Creating high value productive workplaces by

    Dr Tony van Rensburg suggests it's time to be working to improve productivity by focusing on factors we can influence rather than those we can't.

  • Are lazy staff compromising your online security? by HCA

    Data theft is a very real threat in the 21st Century, but a worrying number of employees still use online passwords that are ridiculously easy to hack. What can you do to counter this risk?

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