HR Strategy

  • Women less likely to reap benefits by Rose Sneyd

    It may be counter-intuitive, but your male employees are more likely to make use of flexible work arrangements or other benefits than your female staff, according to new research.

  • HR Consulting: Shifting HR – leading positive disruptive change by External

    Andrew Brock comments on the repositioning of HR from a shared service for implementing policy and process to the owner of the organisation’s key strategic asset – people.

  • What to do when your star resigns by Stephanie Zillman

    Many teams can identify with having a ‘star’ employee – that one person who makes things run all the more smoothly. So what can HR do to minimise the impact of their resignation?

  • More than half of Aussie employees are ‘de-motivated’ by Iain Hopkins

    Research has revealed 52% of Australian and New Zealand employees find their workplace demotivating – what’s going wrong?

  • Lateness losses: tardy workers cost money by Iain Hopkins

    It’s easy to think 10 minutes is no big deal, and sometimes it isn’t, but if you have workers consistently flouting start times it could be costing your organisation in productivity.

  • Silence the whining worker by HRM

    Not only can the complainer make work that bit more unpleasant for everyone, they can also reduce productivity. Here's how HR can make inroads.

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