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  • AHRI – to give up on or not give up on? by

    I would like to reply to an item in your last edition (Issue 115, 17 October 2006, p10) by former AHRI Queensland state councillor and Griffiths University HR director, Janine Walker

  • Catching and keeping senior women beyond the glass ceiling by

    Getting a more balanced representation of women into top jobs is only worthwhile if they thrive, succeed and stay in their jobs once they break through the glass ceiling. Stephen Bevan reports

  • AHRI at a turning point by

    Last Thursday, Human Resources magazine’s e-newsletter broke with the news that Jo Mithen had left AHRI as chief executive to join a law firm in Melbourne. The same story also noted that AHRI will soon announce the new owner of its membership products and services arm. This will be a potential turning point for AHRI

  • Making your mark with employer branding by

    With an ageing population, skills shortages and changing generational preferences, employer branding is playing an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining star performers in a talent-tight market. Craig Donaldson reports

  • Getting your talent in shape by

    What are the trends that will influence the shape of talent management in the coming years? Personnel Today asks the experts

  • Placing a value on diversity by

    Diversity is largely seen by executives as a ‘warm and fuzzy’ HR issue, and as such, has traditionally been hard to build a business case for. However, Craig Donaldson has found that a number of recent developments are shedding new light on the business benefits of diversity

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