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  • Wendy McCarthy's Comment: What do women have to do to make it? by

    I refer to comments in Wendy McCarthy’s letter to the editor, ‘What do women have to do to make it?’ (Issue 115, 17 October 2006, p3)

  • Crunching HR’s numbers by

    Finance and HR are often at odds in business. Craig Donaldson speaks with a roundtable of CFOs about the effectiveness of HR, areas for improvement and how HR can best work with finance

  • Changing absence into presence by

    The high cost of absenteeism to business has been widely documented. Melissa Yen examines this trend and looks at how some organisations have tackled absenteeism in their workplaces

  • Is HR becoming more strategic? by

    While many HR professionals believe they are taking an increasingly strategic approach to business, the performance of HR departments is often called into question by executive teams. HR has come in for a fair bit of constructive criticism in some past issues of Human Resources magazine. This has largely been a reflective of much research and a wide variety of commentary from hundreds of executives, managers and often HR practitioners themselves

  • View from the top: CEOs on HR by

    Executive impressions of HR have not always been the most glowing. In the first of a four-part series of executive roundtables, Craig Donaldson speaks with the officers in chief from four companies about HR’s strengths, shortcomings and areas for improvement

  • AHRI – to give up on or not give up on? by

    I would like to reply to an item in your last edition (Issue 115, 17 October 2006, p10) by former AHRI Queensland state councillor and Griffiths University HR director, Janine Walker

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