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  • Growing the Google talent machine by

    Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organisations on the planet. In light of recent global initiatives, John Sullivan takes another look inside the Google talent machine and explores its world-class practices

  • Genuine operational reasons are genuine by

    As Human Resources magazine was going to press, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) handed down a decision clarifying just what genuine operational reasons are when it comes to dismissing staff under WorkChoices

  • Business outlook for 2007 by

    2007 will present business with a number of evolving and complex challenges. Craig Donaldson speaks with IBISWorld chairman Phil Ruthven about these challenges and related issues for HR

  • Investing in people: convincing the CFO by

    There is compelling evidence of links between investments in human capital and performance and profit. Allan Schweyer reports

  • Riding the waves of change by

    So, we’ve reached the end of yet another fun year, and it’s been an interesting time for HR. WorkChoices in all its glorious clarity came into effect, with a lot of predictable fanfare from the Federal Government and harping from the unions. Some businesses took the bull by horns, but most sat on the sidelines and scratched their heads in confusion. Similar to the US Government’s initial ‘shock and awe’ campaign in Iraq, the rollout of WorkChoices could have been mistaken for a ‘confuse and confound’ campaign across most businesses in Australia

  • Putting on the IT hat by

    HR and IT are not that dissimilar in some ways, however, there are a number of areas where HR can better partner with IT within many companies. Craig Donaldson speaks with a number of CIOs about these areas and how HR can make a more meaningful contribution to the IT function

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