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  • What works: workforce and succession planning by

    Few outside of the US will have heard of PepBoys, a Philadelphia-based auto parts giant of more than 20,000 employees and 2006 revenues of over US$2.2 ($2.8) billion. Despite its size, the company recently proved itself capable of acting fast, decisively and effectively following a leadership challenge that opened its eyes to succession planning

  • Bringing HR up to speed by

    There are a number of steps HR professionals can take to bring their business skills up to speed. Craig Donaldson speaks with Andy Berry, general manager of Fuji Xerox Global Services, about improving the effectiveness of HR

  • Giving talent a shot by

    “You can succeed in anything, so long as you believe in yourself.” I hate that phrase – if only it were that simple

  • What do executives really think of HR? by

    The value and perspective of HR varies from business to business. Craig Donaldson speaks with Doug Simpson, managing partner of finance and performance management at Ernst & Young to gain insight into his impressions of the HR function

  • Growing the Google talent machine by

    Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organisations on the planet. In light of recent global initiatives, John Sullivan takes another look inside the Google talent machine and explores its world-class practices

  • Genuine operational reasons are genuine by

    As Human Resources magazine was going to press, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) handed down a decision clarifying just what genuine operational reasons are when it comes to dismissing staff under WorkChoices

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