HR Strategy

  • The politics of election by

    Election years are always great for editorial. Behind the din of name calling and constant questioning of credibility, a more interesting debate has been going on and it’s of relevance to HR practitioners

  • HR’s burning issues by

    Human Resources magazine’s study of the top ASX-listed companies in Australia has shed light on some of the hot issues for HR professionals. In the first of a three part series, Craig Donaldson looks at some of the major HR challenges for corporate Australia and examines some of the solutions

  • Back to HR basics by

    HR needs to get back to basics in order to be effective. Craig Donaldson speaks with Coates Hire CEO Malcolm Jackman about what it takes in order for HR to be an effective business partner

  • WorkChoices equals wages growth? by

    With the release of the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data on average weekly earnings, the usual suspects came to the party claiming that either the sky is falling for workers, or that they’re wading through Elysian Fields of money

  • Is the old boys’ club dying? by

    Talented women are leaving companies due to a range of factors, a number of which can be put down to the influence of ‘old boys’ clubs’. Craig Donaldson looks at this trend and examines how to deal with them

  • Discovering the Y in generation gaps by

    The need to attract and retain good employees is increasingly important given a diminishing pool of skill and a war for talent. Melissa Yen looks at the impact of generational issues and how companies are coming to terms with demands from generation Y

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