HR Strategy

  • Management poorly perceived in 2011 by

    New research has revealed that the engagement levels of Australian workers has fallen by four places in global engagement rankings for 2011.

  • Tune into employee frustrations by Iain Hopkins

    A new book aimed at lifting the lid on employee frustrations has revealed that poor management is usually to blame, not the workers.

  • HC to look at lighter side of HR by

    Today the HC team is launching the first edition of Human Capital’s Friday e-newsletter, designed to help you wind down at the end of the working week with a bit of fun.

  • It's a tie for the worst boss award by

    Two company managers in the US obviously haven't tuned into the body of knowledge on how to retain staff and create a happy and respectful workplace atmosphere.

  • C u guyz l8r @ werk by

    A new dictionary of so-called youth 'slanguage' is aimed at helping bewildered parents, employers, educators and those left out in the cold by the Gen Ys, to decode how today's youth routinely communicate.

  • Business confidence takes a beating by

    The disparity between Australia’s two economies is widening, and a new report has revealed a marked downgrade of business confidence among sectors not involved in the resources boom.

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