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  • Melbourne Cup not a reason to skip work by

    It’s a public holiday in Victoria, but the fun ends soon after the three minute race for the rest of Australia. Many businesses are imposing strict time limits regarding work stoppage for this year’s Melbourne cup day.

  • Workplace values misalignment by

    Less than half of Australian company team members know the values of the organisation they work for, and according to a new survey, company values are often not discussed during initial interviews, or during employee appraisals.

  • A feather to fly with: What Qantas must do to create a viable organisation by

    How can Qantas create a new relationship with its 31,000 staff, one that reflects engagement in common cause rather than traditional, adversarial, win-lose positions? Christopher J Tipler provides some tips.

  • Australian HR Awards-2011 celebrates industry’s finest by HCA

    The winners of the Australian HR Awards were announced to much fanfare last Friday night with over 650 HR industry professionals gathering at the Hilton Sydney to celebrate the success of colleagues and peers.

  • HR directors unsure of themselves at board level by

    New UK research which examined HR/executive level relationships has revealed that while 87% of HR leaders are now part of their company’s executive management committee, half reported not knowing what contribution their role makes to other functions and executives across the business.

  • Job security: elusive luxury or necessity? by

    The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has said that the rate of casual employment has doubled over the last 25 years, but other industry bodies have disputed the figure.

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