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  • Long commute may increase absenteeism by HCA

    New research has revealed a link between absenteeism and the length of employees’ commute – and if you’re lucky enough employ a workforce who lives just around the corner, you’ll see a 16% drop in absenteeism.

  • Good grooming offsets pay disadvantage of being unattractive by

    A warning goes out to any movember-sters thinking they may let their mo grow wild and woolly beyond the end of the campaign which wraps on Thursday – good grooming generates a wage premium of 4% to 5% for young men who are well groomed.

  • Cost of business travel set to rise by

    Business travel in Asia is set to become more expensive next year due to the region’s strong economies, according to a survey by American Express.

  • HR in 2012: Forum warns employers to adapt or be left behind by Stephanie Zillman

    A panel of industry experts in Sydney yesterday warned that Australia is entering the ‘new world of work’ and as yet, the challenges are not being met by the majority of organisations.

  • Leadership Insight: Alleviating the frustration of middle managers by

    When middle managers feel frustrated by particular actions and events from above it can have significant impact on overall organisational performance. Leonie Curtis-Kempnich provides her tips to alleviate their frustrations.

  • The 2011 top earning jobs for women by

    For the third consecutive year Forbes has compiled its annual list of the best-paying jobs for women, putting the spotlight on the occupations where women can, and do, earn the most - and HR managers came in at number 10.

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