HR Strategy

  • Employees routinely cheating the system by

    Employees around the world have cheated employers to get more pay, and India, China and Australia are leading the pack, a survey has found.

  • Keeping young workers in check during the festive season by

    Concerned about younger workers 'slacking off' in the lead up to the festive season? Eva-Maria provides her top tips for ensuring workers remain productive and engaged.

  • The enemy of engagement by

    New research has revealed that employee frustration is the ‘silent killer’ of workplace productivity, and industry consultants have said tackling the issue will be the key battleground in the war on talent.

  • Untaken leave a burden for all by

    The latest government figures have revealed that Australian workers have amassed 129 million days of annual leave, worth $40bn in wages – a timely reminder for employers to encourage employees to redeem their accumulated annual leave.

  • Long commute may increase absenteeism by HCA

    New research has revealed a link between absenteeism and the length of employees’ commute – and if you’re lucky enough employ a workforce who lives just around the corner, you’ll see a 16% drop in absenteeism.

  • HR in 2012: Forum warns employers to adapt or be left behind by Stephanie Zillman

    A panel of industry experts in Sydney yesterday warned that Australia is entering the ‘new world of work’ and as yet, the challenges are not being met by the majority of organisations.

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