HR Strategy

  • HR in the driver’s seat of organisational bottom line by

    HR plays an integral role in company performance, and newly released data has identified six key areas which constitute the core areas of demonstrable HR proficiency.

  • HR managers: Make 2012 all about you by

    You’ve spent all year building company morale and staff engagement… Now it’s time to look after number one. Before you clock-off for the Christmas break, register your ticket for Australia’s number-one HR event in 2012.

  • Engaging the next generation of leaders by

    Mercer's 'What's Working' survey of 1,000 Australian employees found that the national workforce is motivated more by strong, quality leadership than employee bonuses or benefits. Marianne Roux explores how to engage mid-level managers.

  • A Christmas wish list by

    Kate Messenger asks if employee knowledge-sharing and a shift towards true customer-centricity could be the answer for retail employers looking to get ahead of the competition over the festive season.

  • The future is here: Fingerprint scanning crackdown by

    Some of Australia’s biggest retailers and manufacturers are rolling out state of the art fingerprint scanning technology to record employees’ clock in and out times.

  • Airing the pressures of human resources: HR at Sullair Australia by

    Many industries around the country are facing a skills shortage, but this is particularly acute for companies reliant on sourcing tradespeople. Erika Krenmayr, HR manager with Sullair Australia, discusses strategies the company uses to address this issue.

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